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Self Assembly 

If you choose to install your Pergola yourself, you must allow 4-6 hours for a standard straightforward installation. All tools, instructions and bolts are included within your Royce Cube, it would be beneficial if you have some basic DIY skills and you will need assistance from at least one other person. You can also find a full assembly instructional video on our website. 

Assisted Installation

These terms and conditions apply if you have an installation undertaken by our dedicated team. 

We offer an additional service for Installation, where our trained team will fully install your pergola, including any screens or louvred panels. 

Please ensure that once you have booked your installation you complete and submit the PRE INSTALLATION CHECKLIST , this ensures that you have checked your area is sufficient for our team to carry out installation of your pergola. If our team arrive and find you have failed to follow the checklist requirements, a fee will be charged to you for our team to return. 

If your installation surface is porcelain tiles, our team will take the greatest care when drilling, however cannot be held responsible if tiles are cracked when drilling down. 

We take no responsibility for preventable damage or faults to the pergola that is not within reason of a manufacturer fault. This includes but not limited to; extreme weather conditions, tampering with the structure, movement or re-structure of any areas around the pergola, or naturally occurring movements of the ground. 


We are not to be held liable for any damage that occurs to your pavement, decking, patio, garden or general property from the use of our installation equipment such as bolts, tools, anchoring or any material needed to secure your pergola. 


We do not take any responsibility for items damaged by wind if securing of the item via bolts, anchors is rejected by the customer. Refusing to have the pergola securely fitted will be entirely at the risk of the customer, and you will be asked to sign a waiver in this instance if you refuse our team's recommendations. 

We reserve the right to include additional charges if the installation of the pergola is complex or considered non-standard. Such as but not limited to; Installation over a hot tub, or on surfaces considered delicate such as Porcelain tiles. 

Our team will arrive and deliver, unpack and construct your pergola in the agreed location, as well as remove any packaging or waste from the area. 

Prior to installation we ask you to clear the area to provide the best working environment for the team. Please note we do not hold any responsibility of any damage that may occur during installation of items such as BBQ's Hot Tubs, Kitchens or any other belongings that failed to be covered or relocated prior to our teams arrival. We highly recommend that any other works on your property be completed e.g building or landscape work. With any other contractors finished before our teams arrival. 

Remember it is your responsibility to inspect your goods thoroughly on arrival and report any issues to your retailers customer service team as soon as they become apparent. 

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