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Turning Pizza Peel

Step up your pizzaiolo skills with this essential tool for ensuring crisp, evenly cooked pizzas.

Pizza Peels

Cook your pizzas faster and ensure consistently crisp crusts with the Ooni Turning Peel. This peel’s extra-long handle lets you keep your pizzas in contact with the baking stone as you rotate your pies without ever having to remove from the heat of a flaming hot Ooni oven. The durable anodized aluminum surface has a non-stick effect for sliding right under pizzas, while perforations let excess flour fall away for a perfectly cooked pizza base.


Material / Fuel

Key Features

• 7” circular surface
• Made from durable anodized aluminum
• Non-stick surface slides easily under pizzas
• Extra-long, heat-resistant reinforced nylon handle
• Turns pizzas inside your Ooni oven
• Perforations release excess flour for a perfectly crisp base

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