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Sizzler Pan

Sizzle, sear and flame-cook dishes right in your Ooni oven with this sizzler pan.


Go beyond pizzas to make a range of flame-cooked dishes in your Ooni oven. This premium cast iron pan allows you to cook a variety of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, and comes with a custom-designed removable cast iron handle that lets you safely place the Sizzler Pan into the oven. Set the Sizzler Pan on the stainless steel trivet plate to protect your table and serve piping hot from the oven.

Cast Iron

Material / Fuel

Key Features

• 10” x 6” pre-seasoned cooking surface
• Made from durable, high-quality cast iron
• Custom-designed removable handle
• Removable hook-in cast iron handle stays cool while food cooks • Includes stainless steel trivet with cast iron legs and silicone feet • Compatible with all Ooni pizza ovens

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