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Premium Natural Firestarters

Start your fire in seconds with these firestarters made from 100% natural wood shavings.


Ooni Premium Natural Firestarters are the best way to light our wood-fired Ooni pizza ovens.

Made from 100% natural wood shavings, these firestarters are free from chemical aromas for quick and easy fuel ignition for all Ooni ovens powered by solid fuel.

Get the flames going using wood pellets, wood or charcoal within seconds. Each firestarter is coated with fully refined wax for fast and easy lighting, with a burn time of 8-10 minutes to ensure you successfully ignite.

One box contains 50 Ooni Firestarters.

Natural Wood, Shavings & Refined Wax

Material / Fuel

Key Features

- Made from 100% natural wood shavings
- Each box contains 50 firestarters
- Coated with paraffin wax for quick, easy lighting
- Each firestarter burns for 8-10 minutes to ensure successful ignition - An eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based firelighters
- Food safe and ideal for use with all solid fuel-fired Ooni ovens
- Sustainably sourced

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