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Pizza Steel 13

This is a must-have for baking incredible pizza in your home oven.


Bring the pizza party indoors in your home oven with the Ooni Pizza Steel 13. The highly durable, commercial-grade stainless steel retains heat and optimizes ovens for evenly cooked crusts. Steel holds onto heat much longer than traditional baking stones, and with steel, you don’t have to worry about cracking. It can be used for cooking all pizza varieties and styles, even store-bought or frozen pizzas!

Stainless Steel

Material / Fuel

Key Features

●  Perfect for pizza-making experts and beginners

●  Generous 13-inch cooking area

●  Excellent heat retention for fuss-free back-to-back bakes

●  Easy to clean and store

●  Made of commercial-strength 430-grade stainless steel

●  Optimized for temperatures up to 275 °C/530 °F

●  Fits most standard conventional oven shelves

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