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Pizza Dough Boxes

Proof your dough like a pro at home or on the go.


Proof your dough like a pro with the Ooni Pizza Dough Boxes. Each set includes two stackable boxes, specifically designed for proofing pizza dough, and two lids. Each box fits up to six 250g dough balls (perfect for 12” pizzas) and comes with lids that keep the dough balls from drying out while they proof.

The Ooni Pizza Dough Boxes are compatible with the Ooni Pizza Prep Lid (sold separately), which sits perfectly atop the lidded boxes and provides valuable workspace to prep, stretch, top, and cut your pizzas.

Durable Polypropylene

Material / Fuel

Key Features

●  Tapered smooth internal walls for easy dough removal

●  Refrigerator and freezer-safe

●  Easy-grip handles for transport

●  Made to nest and stack to save space when storing or moving

●  Durable, food-grade plastic for easy cleaning

●  Compatible with Ooni Pizza Prep Lid

●  Made in the United Kingdom

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