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Ooni Stack

Use these versatile stacking bowls for proofing dough balls and storing pizza toppings.


Take your pizza-prepping skills to the next level with this space-saving storage solution from Ooni. These three durable, borosilicate glass bowls allow you to proof dough balls so they don’t stick together. The airtight bamboo lid that helps with moisture control, keeping your ingredients fresh. You can also remove the seals for easy cleaning.

Borosilicate Glass & Bamboo

Material / Fuel

Key Features

  • Three borosilicate glass bowls

  • Removable airtight silicone seal

  • Sustainably sourced bamboo lid

  • Limits air exposure while proofing dough or storing ingredients

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Stacks vertically to save counter space

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