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Hardwood Logs

Designed for the Ooni Karu oven range, these sustainably sourced, 100% oak hardwood logs add delicious wood-fired flavor to pizzas and other foods.


Ooni Premium Hardwood 5′′ (13 cm) Oak Logs come from sustainably sourced, 100% oak. Our hardwood kindling is free from chemicals, aromas or additives, for a pure fuel that infuses your dishes with all-natural flavors and burns for longer.

Perfectly sized for the Ooni Karu range, keep 5 or 6 pieces of kindling burning at a time for consistent heat. Each 15-17.5 lbs (7-8 kg) box will last enough to cook dozens of pizzas.

Our Oak Logs are kiln-dried and FSC certified. Please note that wood logs are a natural product in varying shapes and sizes. What you receive may differ from the images shown on this page, but they will fit and fuel your Ooni oven.

100% Oak

Material / Fuel

Key Features

Perfectly sized for use as a fuel source in Ooni Karu ovens - 100% oak hardwood from sustainable sources
- 5" (13cm) average log length
- Enough fuel for dozens of pizzas in each box

- Kiln-dried for low moisture content and minimal ash
- Impressive flame quality for an elevated cooking experience

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