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Detroit-Style Pan - Small

Bake delicious, thick and crispy Detroit-style pizza in the Ooni Detroit-Style Pizza Pan.


Bake delicious, thick, crispy Detroit-style pizza in the Ooni Detroit-Style Pizza Pan.

Detroit-style pizza has been a favourite since its inception back in the 1940s. With its distinctive shape, thick, fluffy base and crispy, golden cheese crust (known as “frico”), it’s considered one of the pizza greats.

Bake authentic Detroit-style pizzas in this specialised pan that balances traditional design with modern technology and ease of use. It’ll also bake fluffy focaccias and any other delicious deep-dish pizza variety you can dream up.

The 75° angled sides and dual-process, non-stick PizzaProtect™ finish make lifting your bakes out of the pan a breeze (not to mention easy to clean up after). And the pan’s brushed stainless steel lid helps proof dough and protect toppings during baking.

Stainless Steel

Material / Fuel

Key Features

  • Non-stick PizzaProtectTM finish

  • ●  Angled design to create the trademark Detroit-style cheese crust

  • ●  Stainless steel lid for protecting toppings and proofing dough

  • ●  Ooni Detroit Pan - Small compatible with all Ooni Pizza Ovens

  • ●  Ooni Detroit Pan - Medium compatible with Ooni Karu oven range, Volt 12, Fyra12 and Koda 16

  • ●  Robust design engineered for use in Ooni ovens and home ovens

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