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Although LIFE cushions are 'All Weather' and suitable to stay outside in most weather conditions, we recommend to protect them from dust and dirt when the furniture isn’t used for a longer period of time.  So, you can enjoy clean furniture all year round. This is where our new line of protection covers offer their added value.

Temperature changes make condensation inevitable. Our furniture covers, made from 100% ripstop polyester feature a breathable membrane which transports condensation outside while simultaneously prevent dust and dirt from getting in.

The other advantages of ripstop polyester are the favourable strength-to-weight ratio and the special weaving process prevents tears.


For convenience and security we have added a number of buckles to each protection cover. This makes it easier to secure the protection cover to your furniture and guarantees optimal protection from the elements. Combined with the warranty we offer on our protection covers you can rest easy and know that your outdoor furniture is optimally protected.

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