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To be able to continue to enjoy your Life parasol for a long time, we advise that you adhere to the following recommendations.

- Allow the wet or damp fabric of the parasol to dry whilst the parasol is open. If the fabric of the parasol becomes wet whilst it is closed, open it as soon as possible to dry out.
- Remove any fallen leaves and bird excrement as soon as possible.
- It is best to brush off dirt using a soft brush.
- Stains can be removed using tepid water, a soft brush and mild detergent. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
- Do not use any harsh detergents.
- When opening, closing and turning the parasol, make sure that the fabric of the parasol does not come into contact with any walls, etc. and that the fabric does not become trapped between the parts.
- Remove any marks made when opening and closing the parasol with a damp cloth.
- After closing the parasol, pull all of the fabric sections out separately and fully from the ribs of the parasol.
- Roll the fabric sections over one another and secure these using the band to the mast of the parasol.
- Always close the parasol when a strong wind is blowing.
- When the parasol is not in use, always use a protective cover to prevent unnecessary wear and tear caused by the effects of the weather.




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