LIFE sells a wide range of products consisting out of multiple materials. In this overview we describe how to maintain your garden furniture product for an optimal lifespan. For the use of our LIFE Outdoor Living treatment products we recommend to read the instructions on the back of the product carefully before applying. Although the LIFE garden furniture is designed and manufactured for outdoor use it is important to maintain and clean the furniture regularly and protect it as much as possible against the weather influences. As these factors will effect the life span of the furniture. Just compare it to a car, you can leave it outside, but you have to clean it once in a while to keep it in good shape or if possible store it in a garage.

‘‘Protect your garden furniture against the weather elements ’’

Our teak wood products are 100% certified. Mostly SVLK (some FSC), meaning that the full process in manufacturing is registered and monitored. Guaranteeing the sustainability of the wood itself and the plantation.
Scratches, dents, cracks, knots, is inherent to the natural product and these do not have an impact on the life span. Normal use of the product will result in small cracks (hairline cracks) and openings appearing in the wood; this does not detract from the quality or the life span of the table, but to the contrary is characteristic of the charm of this product.

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