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LIFE Outdoor Living sells a wide range of outdoor furniture consisting of a variety of materials. This page will guide you through the different materials and how to maintain for an optimal lifespan.


LIFE Outdoor Living use Aluminium in a wide range of furniture. The reason why is because it has many advantages for outdoor use. Aluminium is corrosion resistant, lightweight and very easy to maintain.


When aluminium is used outdoors, slight surface dirt and a light form of surface corrosion may develop. This is not absorbed into the frame, is not permanent in nature, and can easily be removed.


The high quality powder coating ensures that the products will endure any type of climate as it is UV proof and colourfast. If damage to the paint occurs e.g. scratches, scrapes etc. can be easily retouched.

Aluminium Care

Aluminium furniture can be cleaned using water and a soft soap. Avoid using abrasive or harsh products or sponges. Alternatively, LIFE Outdoor Living Aluminium Cleaner & Protector can be used for cleaning and extra protection.

Aluminium Maintenance

We recommend that pistons on reclining components are ocassionally sprayed with e.g a silicone lubricant to protect and lubricate. Over time pistons may need adjusting. Please contact customer services for support. 

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