Frequently asked questions

What are the trees made of?

National Tree trees have a steel frame and PVC or PVC/PE mix branches. The trees containing PE use a “Feel Real tip technology”, producing life-like branches.

What bulbs are on the pre-lit trees?

The bulbs on pre-lit trees are LED bulbs. Each new tree is supplied with a pack of 4 replacement bulbs. If one bulb fails, a group of 7 or 8 will fail to light, making it easier to identify which one needs to be changed. The faulty bulb can be simply unclipped, pulled out and replaced.

Replacement bulbs can also be purchased from Norfolk Leisure.

Do the LED bulbs get hot?

No, the bulbs remain cold throughout use.

Are tree branches hooked or hinged?

All National Tree trees are hinged, making the assembly quick and easy. Sections of the tree (usually three)

just push together and, if the tree is pre-lit, the wires are connected between sections.

Is a tree stand supplied?

Yes, all trees are supplied with a foldable tree stand.

Can transformers be replaced?

Norfolk Leisure hold a supply of replacement transformers. Please contact the office if you need a replacement, and provide the information on the transformer label so the correct voltage/wattage item can be provided.

Can the trees be used outside?

It is not recommended to put the trees outside (if used outside ,they should be under a covered area such as a porch). The fixings are steel so will rust over time if exposed to the elements, and the decorative items such as frosting and flocking will be affected by the elements.

What is the warranty on my National Tree?

Norfolk Leisure offer a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. For any further warranty, visit the National Tree website at and complete the online registration.

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