Frequently asked questions

Are the sheds waterproof?

Yes, all sheds are completely waterproof and resistant to weather conditions. Steel reinforcement in the walls adds extra strength and durability. Heavy duty flooring lifts your items off the ground, saving them from mud and rainwater.

Are the sheds well lit?

Yes. The Fusion and Oakland Sheds all have a full-length skylight to provide generous amounts of natural light.

Can my shed be painted?

The Oakland Shed can be painted using traditional paints.

Can I drill into the shed walls?

The walls of the Fusion Shed have tough wall panels that are drillable to allow for customisation.

Will my shed fade?

No, all Keter sheds have zero maintenance and fading.

What is the guarantee on my Keter Shed?

Our DuotechTM sheds come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults. We always advise that end users keep a proof of purchase when purchasing our ranges to avoid any delay in an event of a warranty claim. Please ask for full details of our warranty and refer to this for claim information. Please check your warranty information before customising your shed as this may invalidate the lifetime warranty.