Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to connect the Cocoon Table / Built-in Burner to a natural gas supply?

All our Cocoon Tables and Built-in Burners can be adjusted to make them natural gas ready. The gas conversion kit can be purchased through Norfolk Leisure and must be fitted by a licensed gas fitter.

What is the heating capacity of the Cocoon Tables?

The Cocoon Tables have a heating capacity of 12 kW and 19.5 kW
The Built-in Burners have a heating capacity of 6.5 kW and 12 kW

What is the consumption of the Cocoon Table?

This depends on the capacity of the Cocoon Table or Built-in Burner. The consumption also depends on the height of the flame. In practice it is possible to burn for approximately 16-20 hours, with a 10kg gas bottle.

What material is the Cocoon Table made from?

The Happy Cocooning Cocoon Tables are made of composite and are resistant to heat, cold and rain. When you are not using the Cocoon Table, it is essential that you cover it with the supplied protection cover.

Teak tables should not be completely covered as this may encourage the growth of fungi. Please use the burner cover to protect the inlay from the weather. Teak may be treated regularly with a wood treatment.

Is it possible to place the gas bottle underneath the Cocoon Table?

This is only possible with the Lounge & Dining Cocoon Tables. Our Lounge & Dining collection has been specially developed to place a gas bottle underneath.
All our other models are not designed to hold a gas bottle inside. The gas cylinder can be placed next to the Cocoon Table. To cover this gas cylinder, we have the Enclosure or PVC Cover. The gas hose protection layer can be used to camouflage the hose and avoid a tripping hazard.

How do I clean the Cocoon Table?

Composite tables can be cleaned by using lukewarm water. Do not use abrasives. Teak Tables can be cleaned by using a teak cleaner. The composite tables can be painted with outdoor water-based paint.

What sort of gas regulator do I need?

You will need a 30Mbar gas regulator (uni x 1/4 links). This regulator is supplied with every new Happy Cocoon purchased.

How do I ignite my Cocoon Table?

The fire is ignited by the electronic ignition, and flame height can be adjusted by using a dial, both finely presented in a stainless steel panel.

What do I do if my ignition fails?

The electronic ignition is powered by an AAA battery. If your ignition fails to light, check this and replace the battery if necessary.

What gas do I use with the regulator provided?

Happy Cocooning Cocoon Tables use propane as this can be used in sub-zero temperatures. They can also be converted to run on natural gas.

What is the Guarantee for my Happy Cocooning Cocoon?

The Cocoon Tables come with a 1 year Guarantee against manufacturing faults. We always advise that end users keep a proof of purchase when purchasing our ranges to avoid any delay in an event of a warranty claim.

What is included when I purchase my Cocoon?

The Cocoon Tables are supplied with logs, lava stones, a PVC protection cover and 250 cm CE-approved rubber gas hose. A small pot of paint and brush is also included to repair any scratches incurred during use.

What about the safety of the product?

All our Cocoon Tables are KIWA GASTEC approved (Kiwa Gastec is a UKAS-accredited Notified Body and performs product testing on appliances using solid fuel, gas, oil, micro-CHP and renewables. They have been testing appliances for over 60 years and their team of test engineers are well recognised for their experience and expertise).

Are Happy Cocooning accessories available?

Yes, we stock a wide range of accessories including gas bottle covers, glass screens, side tables, replacement protection covers and gas hose protection layers.

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