Frequently asked questions

How do I maintain my parasol?

To be able to continue to enjoy your parasol for a long time, we advise that you allow the wet or damp fabric of the parasol to dry whilst the parasol is open. If the fabric of the canopy becomes wet whilst it is closed, open it as soon as possible to dry out. Fallen leaves and bird droppings should be removed as soon as possible to avoid staining.

You can brush off any dry, loose dirt with a soft brush. Stains can be removed using tepid water, a soft brush and mild detergent, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

When opening, closing and turning the parasol, make sure that the fabric of the parasol does not come into contact with any walls, etc. and that the fabric does not become trapped between the parts. After closing the parasol, pull all of the fabric sections out separately and fully from the ribs of the parasol.

When the parasol is not in use, always use a protective cover to prevent unnecessary wear and tear caused by the effects of the weather.

Do all parasols tilt?

Most of our parasols tilt. Cantiliver parasols vary but our Palermo and Norfolk Deluxe Cantilevers are two of the most versatile on the market, allowing you to fix them in almost any position.

Can I leave my parasol up and outside?

We do not recommend leaving parasols outside when not in use. Fabrics will fade and become brittle when left exposed to our climate for long periods and wind gusts are one of the biggest causes of damages to tables with parasols inserted.

Claims of this nature are not covered under warranty.

Do you sell covers for your parasols?

Protection covers are available from stock for our Palermo Cantilever and Norfolk Deluxe Cantilever Parasols, Please call us for more information.

Please note that parasols will fade with exposure to sunlight. We recommend the use of protection covers.

What UV protection would I get from my parasol?

There is little or no UV protection when using garden furniture parasols. They may shade you from the suns rays but an adequate sun protection must always be used when exposed for long periods.

What is my base made from?

Norfolk Leisure parasol bases are made from solid concrete and then finished to create a smooth, attractive finish. Various colours are available to match your furniture. Our catalogue also includes four part bases for cantilevers and our beautiful wheeled granite bases for the Palermo range.

What size of base do I need for my parasol?

We recommend using a 15kg base with parasols up to 2.7m and 25kg bases for larger parasols. We offer a range of bases for use with cantilever parasols and we recommend a minimum of 80-100kgs, depending on the model.

What is the guarantee on my parasol and base?

Our parasols, cantilevers and bases are guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturing faults. We always advise that end users keep a proof of purchase when purchasing our furniture to avoid any delay in an event of a warranty claim.

Can my Gazebo be left erected?

Gazebos are susceptible to wind damage, but any damage caused by wind and weather conditions are not covered by guarantee. We recommend that temporary gazebos are taken down if strong weather is predicted.

When not in use, curtains on more permanent structures should be left open and tied back, or removed for the winter months.

How do I clean my Gazebo?

For effective care, we recommend brushing off loose dirt, and regularly dusting when the fabric is dry. If marked, sponge lightly with a mild soap solution and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Do not use harsh cleaning agents or bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Is my Gazebo waterproof?

Gazebo curtains and canopies are polyester with a shower proof coating to help protect you in a light shower. Polycarbonate roofs are designed to restrict sunlight and may not be fully waterproof.

Is my storage box water resistant?

Yes. All of our storage boxes keep contents dry and ventilated.

Are all the storage boxes lockable?

Yes. All of our storage boxes are lockable using a small padlock (not supplied).

How should I clean my outdoor storage box?

Using a damp cloth, thoroughly wipe the surface clean. Repeat this action until the dirt is removed.

What is the weight limit on the deck box floors?

Weight limit for deck box floors 25 lbs. evenly distributed.

Will my storage box fade or keep it’s colour?

All of our Keter products are manufactured from DuotechTM, a unique blend of new and recycled resin and compounds to maximise on strength and longevity. UV-resistant materials have been added to prolong the look of our products.

What is the guarantee on my outdoor storage box?

Our DuotechTM products come with a 2 year guarantee against manufacturing faults. We always advise that end users keep a proof of purchase when purchasing our ranges to avoid any delay in an event of a warranty claim. Please ask for full details of our warranty and refer to this for claim information.

What else can you tell me about my outdoor storage box?

Our DuotechTM will not rust, dent or peel and some of our boxes even come with an automatic mechanism to assist with opening and closing the lid. We also use 100% recyclable DuotechTM in all our storage products.

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