Frequently asked questions

What are the Cook King items manufactured from?

The Cook King range is handmade using high quality steel Some products use steel with high temperature black powder coating, and some are constructed using raw black steel. Tripod grates are stainless steel.

How should I maintain my Cook King items?

Products can be cleaned using a damp cloth and then dried thoroughly. Grates should be coated with a thin layer of edible oil, repeating this step regularly to prevent rusting.

Black raw steel may have rust appear after some time—this is a natural process and is not a manufacturing fault. This can be maintained by sanding with a fine grade sandpaper and painting with a high-temperature paint. The inside of black steel bowls should not be painted, but can be coated with a thin layer of edible oil.

Regular use of the Cook King products during the season will help to prevent corrosion.

What is the Cook King Guarantee?

On all Cook King products, Norfolk Leisure offers a 1 year guarantee. We always advise that end users keep a proof of purchase when purchasing our furniture to avoid any delay in an event of a warranty claim.